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This is the Website of Graham Hines Veterinary Surgeon in
North Wales, North West England

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If you want advice or treatment please contact me

I hold regular clinics on the Wirral at the Dog's Diner

Natural Nutrition

Why Feed Your Cat or Dog a Raw based Diet?

10 Reasons to Feed Species Apropriate Raw Foods:
  • Shiny Skin and Coat
  • Improved Digestion
  • Smaller less smelly Poo
  • Pets Love them
  • Less Itching and Scratching
  • Cleaner Teeth and Gums - Gently and Naturally
  • Less Gas and Odour - Fresh Breath
  • More Energy
  • Easier to Control Weight
  • Improved Joint Health
Read more about the benefits of a Biologically Appropriate Diet in this Section

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Raw Hide Chews, Dentastix and other treats

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next Vaccicheck Clinic

Is Saturday 23rd November At The Dogs Diner, Moreton WirralRing them for an appointment 0151 678 2588 ...

Raw Feeding Veterinary Society: Benefit, Bugs, Balance and Bones

Many and varied are the arguments presented against Biologically Appropriate Raw Diets for Pets. It is worth looking behind those arguments ...