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Holistic Veterinary Pet Care

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Hemp and CBD Oil advice

Nutrition: Why Feed Your Cat or Dog a Raw based Diet?

10 Reasons to Feed Species Apropriate Raw Foods:
  • Shiny Skin and Coat
  • Improved Digestion
  • Smaller less smelly Poo
  • Pets Love them
  • Less Itching and Scratching
  • Cleaner Teeth and Gums - Gently and Naturally
  • Less Gas and Odour - Fresh Breath
  • More Energy
  • Easier to Control Weight
  • Improved Joint Health
Read more about the benefits of a Biologically Appropriate Diet in this Section

Natural Medicine: Holistic and Integrated Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Services

I can treat your pet, I am based in Deeside near Chester, see clients usually at the Dogs Diner in Moreton on the Wirral or in your home but also by using telemedicine using Zoom or Skype particularly in the recent emergency conditions
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Vaccicheck Clinic postponed - See Blog pages

Coronavirus advice and treatment with herbs pdf

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Vaccicheck Clinic Cancellation

Due to the CoVid-19 crisis we have decided to postpone the March 28th Titre testing clinic I will publish a new date or scheme when we have ...

Coronavirus - How to protect your self - What is the risk?

I have decided to tell you what I do and recommend to try to ensure when you pick up this horrible infection the signs are as mild as ...

Study finds anxiety in dogs is a much bigger problem than previously realised

Prof Loki and his team at Helsinki vet School conducted an on line survey of the guardians of 13700 dogs and nearly 3/4 suffered from ...