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First read the problems before you follow conventional modern veterinary advice.
Dr Mark Elliot MRCVS a leading Holistic Vet from the UK discusses the implications of the use of pesticides and insecticides in pets and of course farm animals Read
Peticide A systemic destruction of health and the environment?

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Once you have read that I am going to suggest some pointers and discuss

Now how should you control parasites on your companions?
My View on Parasite Control

We have seen in Dr Elliot's article that as with so many aspects of modern veterinary medicine there is a risk assessment we have to perform:

Lungworm and Ticks in particular CAN cause occasionally serious illness in pets however…
Modern Pesticide worm and external parasite treatments CAN harm pets and can harm the environment.

Like with vaccination most vets are convinced that no parasites is the safest option for your pet on balance and will try to convince you to use the newest, widest spectrum of Pest killer they can and tell you to use it (usually) monthly all year round. Often even in completely indoor cats.
The pharmaceutical industry spend lots of money training vets of this and pointing out the theoretical dangers of imported parasites and spread of lungworm for instance. They also of course explain how the practice can profit from you using unnecessarily large quantities of their drugs.
The newest, claimed to be most affective forms of parasite control are designated "POM-V" so only vets can prescribe them. Why purely marketing in my opinion. When pharma company A brings out a new product its predecessor has often lost or be about to lose its patent so magically it can be sold on Amazon or pet shops. Is it suddenly safer to use? These products were POMs (Prescription Only Medicines) in their day and the "best most affective safest thing to use" and only available through vets initially.

I think however there are risks with these chemical to the pet and as Dr Elliot describes risks to insect life with wider implications for the Environment but there are risks to your pet if you no nothing. Weighing up the risks and producing a safe regime is not easy are there are no simple answers. Most modern anti-parasite drugs are safe in most pets and to most vets and guardians who handle them that said.

Weigh up the risks and TEST regularly if your animal has no worms why worm them?

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