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Holistic Veterinary Pet Care

Cancer Support Care in Pets

Some advice and suggestions for an holistic approach with or without conventional surgery and therapies such as radio or chemo-therapy
Diet is the most important factor perhaps

Feed a fresh natural diet preferably raw foods.
You can now find a lot of information on line about raw feeding start with this website and follow the links.
It will make a huge difference to your companions wellbeing and immune system.

Limit carbohydrates as much as possible which feed the cancer - No dog food or human treats biscuits etc. Sugars feed cancer fats are fine
Raw meats, some offals, eggs oily fish and raw juiced or minced vegetables
Include some brassicas e.g. Kale broccoli cabbage dark green veg


K9 Immunity See my website to order or for more information

Fish Oils and or oily fish possible other oils Coconut and/or Hemp in small quantities
Fish oil supplement - e.g. K9 Omega

Apocaps: See my website to order or for more information or download Dr Dressler’s book
The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Homeopathic remedies

I will prescribe those based on the patient’s clinical signs et.

in addition to this in many cases, holistic medicine can help boost the immune system and reduce metastatic spread and reduce the pain and side affects of such treatments.