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Coronavirus - How to protect your self - What is the risk?

I have decided to tell you what I do and recommend to try to ensure when you pick up this horrible infection the signs are as mild as possible using holistic remedies

But before you take anything make sure

You eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, avoid simple sugars - sweets sugary drinks, plenty of fibre and protein.

Do not smoke or drink to excess

Exercise and avoid stress

Do not worry - meditate etc.

Supplements I feel will help and I take

CBD Oils 10-20 mg twice daily of the CBD/CBDA full spectrum drops such as HempSmart or Cannawell and perhaps Brain Capsules from HempSmart See My Shop

The CBD helps to reduce the inflammation in the lungs by action on Cannabinoid receptors so as to reduce the oedema in the lungs - Brain Capsules also contain turmeric and black pepper which are also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Vitamin D3 50úg

Zinc 10mg per day

Vitamin C may help once you get a viral illness

Herbs - Echinaecea, Ashwaganda, Silymarin and may be others

Read More here This is an excellent advice sheet more for herbalists which may be of interest

Take all as a preventative and increase the dosage of CBD and start Vitamin C if you show signs of CV

The regime is much the same all winter for 'flu etc but I am making more sure I don't forget now!

Remember flu kills 8,000 in the UK annually Do not stress

Is your pet

a) at risk - no evidence that pets can catch Covid-19 so No almost certainly

b) a risk to me - again no there is extremely little risk. The virus is very unlikely to be passed from one person to another, please do not have your pet rehomed or destroyed

To give the contrary view to the mainstream panic in the media watch these videos not sure i believe it all but

Dr Glidden

Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr Wolfgang Wodran

We got through HIV, BSE and other scares we will this one.

Take care out there and keep distancing and show respect to others when walking your dogs.