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How to make Golden Paste

This is the basic recipe to make golden paste for yourself or your pet

Basically we have the herb Tumeric, with some black pepper which helps it to be absorbed from the intestine and some healthy oils. Use for arthritis in particular and to boost the immune system perhaps if cancer is a problem in your companion.


  • 125 ml / 60g turmeric powder
  • 250 ml plus extra water in reserve, if needed
  • (70 ml) coconut oil (use raw, unrefined, cold-pressed)
    OR linseed oil (flaxseed)
    OR olive oil (use virgin / extra virgin)
  • 2 teaspoons freshly cracked (ground) black pepper

  • Omit pepper if you cannot tolerate it. The absorption of turmeric will still be improved by cooking it and adding oil, but it will be less effective without the pepper.

    Cracked pepper and ground pepper refer to the same thing. How finely it's ground is up to the user. If you like to have crunchy bits of pepper in your golden paste, then grind it less finely. If you don't (and that's probably most of us), grind it more finely.


1) Bring the turmeric and water to a boil in a saucepan, then lower heat and simmer until you have a thick paste. This should take about 7-10 minutes and you may need to add the extra water along the way for good consistency.

2) Add the freshly cracked (ground) pepper and oil AFTER cooking, when it has been removed from heat and cooled down (still warm to touch but not burning), about 10 minutes later.

3) Stir in well to mix the oil in everywhere and allow to cool again (if coconut oil is hard, it should melt in the mixture).

Do not use pre-made pepper meal (pre-ground pepper that you buy for pepper shakers). The active ingredient in black pepper (piperine) is oxidised when exposed to the air and also degraded by light, so not much is left in the pre-ground pepper purchased in the store.

Start with 1/4 of a teaspoon, twice a day (with food and water), and build up to 3 - 4 times a day, for the first 4-5 days.

If you need more effect, increase to 1/2 - 3/4 of a teaspoon 3 - 4 times a day depending on the size of the patient. You don't need much. Some people and larger dogs move on to a full teaspoon for even more effect. See what your body needs and feed small amounts routinely to keep it in your system.

When adding turmeric to the diet for the first time, if there are any signs of loose stools or upset stomach then you may wish to reduce your serving to 1/8 tsp or so, and remain at a lower amount for a longer period. It will eventually pass and your gut microbiome will soon benefit.

It will keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks or you can freeze it and thaw a bit at a time.

Some dogs may smell a little like cat pee after starting Golden Paste. We're not exactly sure why, but it will eventually go away. One way to eliminate or at least reduce the odor is to add Ceylon cinnamon to the golden paste.

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Donate to Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary

Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary are very short of pet food and of course one cannot drive there ourselves to help them. However our friends at Sirus Raw feeds in Holywell are delivering food to the area anyway. John is starting to collect donations of food to take to them. The more raw food of course the better but you can donate whatever you have.

If you can make a donation by phone or buy food on his website https://www.siriusrawfeed.co.uk/ - put the delivery address as

Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary Pant y Pwll Capel Garmon Llanrwst Conwy LL26 0RG

or donate on mine naturalpetcare.co.uk

This is from Sirus facebook site

Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary has enough food for the next two weeks as of Sunday just gone.

Some of my customers made me aware of the situation and asked if I could deliver some dry food when passing if they purchased it. No problems.

Obviously my stance on dry feed isn’t a good one. That being said I delivered it none the less upon my arrival I spoke with lovely Anne. Anne informed me she feed them all on raw if she could.

This is where I need your help, as they rely on donations for their food. I am and will be delivering some today but I would like to offer her food ongoing. So I’m going to suggest we yes all of my customers can have the opportunity to contribute.

To that end I would like to trial buying a dog a diner. You can either donate or order through the Facebook page on their behalf and I will do my best top up if we are short.

I’ve started the ball rolling with my an initial offering. See pictures come on guys I know times are tough but these guys need our help!

Comment below if you’re interested in helping!


HempSmart Immune Support Pack

Following my post of yesterday Hemp Smart have started to market an Immune Support Pack

Introducing the hempSMART Immune Support Pack

This NEW Immune Support Pack includes:

✅ 1 Bottle of hempSMART Brain Capsules
✅ 1 Bottle of hempSMART 250mg Drops
(in your choice of flavor)

Only $99 / £91.48 / €96.04 now through March 31st, an amazing deal for these two products together!

You can buy it now for £91.48 Shop Now

This combination of hempSMART products was recommended by our Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board, Paula Vetter, FNP on our "Staying Healthy With hempSMART" LIVE webinar yesterday!

You can watch and share that clip here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK0l7iNpNgA

With COVID-19, flu season, and the cold going around, there is no better time than NOW to support your immune system with hempSMART!

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Study shows anxiety in dogs is a bigger problem than thought

Prof Loki and his team at Helsinki vet School conducted an on line survey of the guardians of 13700 dogs and nearly 3/4 suffered from anxiety - aggression, fear of noise (32%), separation anxiety

See Vet Times 17/03/2020


Salonen M et al Prevalence, comorbidity and breed differences in canine anxiety Sci Rep 10 2963

Now this is a complex subject and there are many factors, as you will see if you read more, involved including breed type and early weaning. Treatments include various training and desensitisation techniques but you will find CBD oil can help a lot.

Next Vaccicheck Clinic

Next Vaccicheck Clinic

28 March 2020

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