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<i>Holistic</i><i> Consulations</i>
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Holistic Consulations

Holistic Veterinary Consultations

These can be requested by yourself (self referral) for your companion or referred by your veterinary surgeon.

The consultation can be held in your home, . or at the consultation room in the
Dog's Diner in Moreton, Wirral

It will last about 1 hour, I will need history from your main veterinary practice and will report back to them so they can alter treatment if necessary. They will remain responsible for other medications, routine and emergency care for your pets.

Please contact me by email info@naturalpetcare.co.uk or using the
form on the website or via my facebook page

What Services do I offer and what sort of problems can be helped?

The main and most useful strand is Preventative Medicine in fact

If you can get the diet right and avoid upsetting your pet's health with unnecessary chemicals you will go a very long way to health.

So I spend a lot of my time advising on the correct home prepared diet, advising on the correct use of anti-parasitic treatments avoiding those chemical discussed elsewhere in this

This can be in adult dogs or when you get a new puppy but it is never too later to change.

At the other end of life holistic medicine can help with those problems of old age such as pain and lameness due to arthritis, muscle weakness, cancer care and other palliative care options and even humane at home euthanasia should you want this done at home without the stress of a `vet clinic visit.

I can advice on options such as treating lameness, cruciate disease and rehabilitation using acupuncture, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy along with other colleagues.

What I do not do is perform anaesthesia, surgery, imaging such as X-rays or ultrasound, or emergency and critical care. We can collect blood samples for antibody titre tests, thyroid health and more.

If I think these procedures need to be performed then other colleagues in conventional practice can do this - normally the referring vet or your normal conventional practice.

Where can you been seen?

At the consulting room at the Dogs Diner, Moreton Wirral. Coming soon in Caernarfon Gwynedd

In your home in North Wales, West Cheshire and Merseyside.

How to make an Appointment

In the first instance send me an email with as much detail as possible. I will need to contact your current vet (if relevant) for history if you are needing to treat a condition they have seen and to gain details of vaccination and other previous treatments which can be relevant even for what may be seen as unrelated conditions. Contact Page

I can also be contacted by telephone at times but may of course be busy or not able to get to the phone as I am not sitting in an office all day.
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